The Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner

Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner

   I have a Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner that is by far the most accurate and best tuner I have ever used. It is a strobe tuner so it has unparalleled accuracy when it comes to tuning your instrument. I use the Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner to set the intonation on my guitars and it works flawlessly.

   I really wanted the 490-ST because it has built in Stretch Tuning settings that you can use to tune a piano with. Stretch tunings come into play when tuning a piano because you can’t tune the piano to perfect pitch intervals or the piano will sound out of tune to your ear. You must tune the piano slightly out of pitch with perfect as you play in the high or low octaves on a piano. It can take years to develop the ability to do this by ear, but with the Peterson 490-ST you can do it right from the moment you begin tuning. I have found that the Peterson 490-ST will help me get my piano in tune just as well as any of the local professionals have been able to.

   The Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe has some very important features. Here’s a quick list:

  • Automatic Note Selection (Can tune any note, not just whole steps up or down but small intervals).
  • Readable Partials
  • 11 Octave Visual Range (8 Simultaneously)
  • +2/-1 Ocatave Display Shift
  • Automatic Image Clarifier
  • Automatic Contrast Control
  • Accuracy: All Scales and Temperaments within 1/10 of a Cent
  • Calibration: Selectable from A=350 to A=550
  • Temperaments: Preset and Programmable (8 Preset temperaments)
  • Stretch Tuning: 8 Preset Tables with 31 Programmable with Name Feature
  • Temperaments and Stretches can be modified without limit
  • Microphone: Built-In or with Optional External Microphone
  • Adjustable Viewing Angle
  • Quartz-Stable Tuning Reference
  • One-Year Guarantee on Parts and Labor

   What I really like is that you can set up a custom tuning program for your particular piano. If you want to spend the time tweaking the preset stretch tunings to match your piano a little better you can. Then you can save that setting for future tunings. 

   So if you’re looking for the best strobe tuner to use for all your tuning needs, look no further than the Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner.

Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner with Stretch Tuning Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner with Stretch TuningThe Peterson 490ST AutoStrobe Tuner with Stretch Tuning allows automatic (handsfree) note selection for fast, accurate tuning of instruments for students, technicians, and musicians at all levels. This feature also permits realtime display of intonation to improve performance and listening skills while playing. Includes stretch tuning capabilities for enhanced tuning of stringed or percussive instruments such as the piano, bass, guitar, marimba, steel pan, and others. Only Peterson strobe tuners respond at the speed of light to display relative tuning of any audio source to 0.1 of a cent (1/1000 of a semitone) accuracy. Wide selection of preprogrammed stretch filesTables with optimized tunings for all piano types and sizes takes the drudgery out of piano tuning. Up to 31 additional files may be programmed by the user.Automatic note selection, automatic image clarity, and contrast controlInternal compensation for optimal viewing over a wide range of source pitch and volume.Improved clarity for upper and lower register notesThe +2/-1 display feature shifts the strobe patterns into more visible middle ranges. Bass note patterns can be displayed two octaves higher and treble note patterns can be displayed one octave lower in strobe display.Easy transpositionStrobe patterns appear at the correct note for Bb, F, and Eb instruments.External input and through output with muteFor inline, silent tuning during performances.

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My name is Matt Rushton. I have been playing in bands for 27 years. I've been playing professionally for 21 years. I have opened for Sheryl Crow, Barenaked Ladies, Joan Jett, Little River Band, and Quiet Riot.

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  1. Is there a video demo for this strobe 490st? Thanks.

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