Fishman FT-1 Digital Clip-On Guitar Tuner Review

The Fishman FT-1 clip-on digital guitar tuner makes tuning your guitar fast, easy and convenient.

Fisman FT-1 Digital Guitar Tuner
Fishman FT-1 Digital Clip-On Guitar Tuner

          One thing I’m always looking for is a way to make things more convenient in my live band. The Fishman FT-1 Digital tuner is a great tuner to use if you want a quick, easy and fast tune. While not as accurate as some other tuners such as my Peterson 490-ST Strobe Tuner, the FT-1 is a great tuner to use if you need a quick tune on the fly. It’s great for tuning before practice or mid-song at a gig and is easily clipped on and off the guitar. You can also use this tuner on both your acoustic guitar and your electric guitar.   

            The FT-1 has four different tuning modes. It features a full twelve note chromatic mode along with specific modes for guitar, bass and ukulele. I stick mostly to the chromatic mode when I play because it allows you to drop tune the guitar if needed.  In addition to these four modes, the FT-1 also allows you to change the reference pitch to anywhere from 435Hz to 445Hz when needed.

            What good is a tuner if it’s complicated and hard to read? The FT-1 features a bright LCD display with a layout that is very easy to read. The display lights green when a note is in tune and lights red when it is either sharp or flat. It also features a meter-style sharp and flat display that tracks the guitar very well.

            The tuner comes with both a built in microphone and a clip on sensor. The microphone works well but I stick mainly to the clip on sensor because it is not affected by noisy environments. The clip on sensor tracks the guitar almost immediately so you’re not stuck waiting for a response. Neither the microphone or the clip on tuner are as accurate as my Korg Pandora PX4D but the Fishman FT-1 is a lot faster to pull out and easier to use than the Pandora. I actually leave it clipped onto my guitar the entire gig so it’s ready if I need to make a quick tuning tweak.

            Overall I have been very satisfied and impressed with the Fishman FT-1. Although not as precise as other, more expensive, plug in and clip on tuners, the FT-1’s price tag can’t be beat for the functionality it provides. I recommend every musician have one on hand at all times.

Fishman FT-1 Digital Clip-On Tuner Fishman FT-1 Digital Clip-On TunerThe Fishman FT-1 Digital Tuner is an ideal companion for any acoustic instrument. The clip-on fully chromatic Fishman tuner quickly and accurately finds the note being played and indicates if you’re in tune, sharp, or flat. The FT-1 tuner’s adjustable clip sensor is easily secured to the instrument and ensures great results, even in noisy environments.The Fishman FT-1 tuner’s bright, backlit LCD display is equipped with a meter-style pitch indicator with a large readout that turns from red to green when the note is in tune. Powered by a single coin battery, Fishman FT-1 clip-on digital tuner is lightweight and packed with value.

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  1. I also recommend this unit and also the original GoGo Tuner as well, have both and they work great.

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