Save Money With Holiday Gift Packs For Your Musician

Check out the excellent holiday gift packs from Musician’s Friend for gifts for every musician.

Holiday Gift Packs at

It’s that time of year again and the holidays are coming up fast. The good thing for all you live musicians out there is that the major music retailers have some excellent holiday gift packs to help you fill out your shopping list.

These gift packs are available for musicians of every level from beginner to advanced. You’ll find all kinds of great items such as guitar starter packs, recording studio packs, live sound reinforcement packs and keyboard packages.

You’ll be able to save a bundle of money when purchasing these items and they’re sure to make the musician on your shopping list very happy. Just click the banners and get shopping today!

Holiday Gift Packs at

Musician Gift Suggestions – Swirlygig Chrome Mic Stand Drink Holder

The Swirlygig drink holder can mount on your mic stand and keep your drink within easy reach.

Swirlygig Chrome Drink Holder
Swirlygig Chrome Drink Holder

   How many times have you reached for your drink at a gig only to find it kicked over on the floor? I’ve spilled so many drinks over the years it’s amazing I haven’t been electrocuted! That’s why today I’m suggesting the Swirlygig Chrome Mic Stand Drink Holder for yourself or as a gift for anyone who plays in a live band.

   I’ve spilled drinks down my amplifier and I’ve spilled them right into plug bars. Let me tell you the light show from the exploding plug bar was cool but it sucked when the power went out because of a spilled drink. The Swirlygig drink holder will hang right on your mic stand keeping your drink within easy reach while keeping it away from your valuable amplifier and electrical outlets.   Continue reading “Musician Gift Suggestions – Swirlygig Chrome Mic Stand Drink Holder”

Make Equipment Hauling A Breeze With A Mini Cart

The rock n roller mini cart makes loading your musical equipment in and out of a venue a breeze.

Rock n Roller R6 Mini Cart
Rock n Roller R6 Mini Cart

One of the biggest things I dread about playing in a live band is hauling equipment in and out of the gig venue. I have hauled more equipment up stairs and ramps than I care to remember. I always hoped I would get rich enough one day to afford my own roadies to haul my equipment. That’s only happened a couple of times so it’s usually me that has to carry my gear in.

That’s why today I’m recommending to you an excellent mini cart designed to fold extremely small for stowing in your vehicle yet is still strong enough to have a hauling capacity of 500 pounds. This cart is called the Rock n Roller R6 Mini Cart and it’s a real back saver for all you live musicians out there.   Continue reading “Make Equipment Hauling A Breeze With A Mini Cart”

Download Free Fender Cyber-Twin SE Preset Patch “LMC Talk-Wah”

Listen to a sound clip and download the MIDI system exclusive data for this Fender Cyber-Twin SE preset sound patch. This one is called “LMC Talk-Wah”.

My Stage Amp - Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier
My Stage Amp - Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier

   Today I have another of my custom programmed Fender Cyber-Twin SE preset sound patches for you to listen to and download. I use my Cyber-Twin SE in all kinds of live band settings because the amplifier is so incredibly versatile. I have programmed several ‘Special Effect’ type sound patches that I use when I need a specific sound to fill a spot in certain songs.

   This sound, LMC Talk-Wah, was created specifically to mimic the sound of the Talkbox being used on the Nazarethsong “Hair Of The Dog” which my band plays. If you aren’t familiar with that song that’s okay, I play the lick in the sound clip below. The sound is similar to what Peter Frampton does on “Show Me The Way”.      Continue reading “Download Free Fender Cyber-Twin SE Preset Patch “LMC Talk-Wah””

Coupon Code To Save 15% On Guitar Accessories At Music123

Use the coupon code to save 15% on guitar accessories at Music123.

   Hey all you guitarists that rock hard in a live band! Right now you can save 15% on Guitar Accessories at Music123. If you’re like me, you go through strings and picks like water so it’s a great time to stock up on these very necessary guitar accessories. You can now load up on my favorite guitar strings, Dean Markley Blue Steel and save a bundle of money in the process.

   All you have to do is enter the coupon code GUITAR1 at checkout to save your 15%. Make sure you get your accessories now because this sale ends on September 16, 2009. Just follow the link below and start shopping!
Save 15% on Great Name Brand Guitar Accessories at (coupon: Guitar1, exp: 9/16)

Big Savings On Music Equipment At Musician’s Friend For Labor Day Weekend

Check out the big Snooze U Lose sale at Musician’s Friend this Labor Day weekend for huge savings on music equipment.

Up to 30% Off at
Anybody that plays in a live band knows that it’s important to have professional quality music equipment to be able to get the job done right. We also like to save as much money as possible whenever we can. That’s why I’m always searching for killer sales on good music equipment.         Continue reading “Big Savings On Music Equipment At Musician’s Friend For Labor Day Weekend”

Get An External Phantom Power Supply For Your Studio Microphone

Using an external phantom power supply is an affordable and easy way to power your studio microphones.

Audio-Technica CP8506 4ch Phantom Power Supply
Audio-Technica CP8506 4ch Phantom Power Supply

  If you play in a live band then chances are you most likely have a modest home studio setup as well. Every musician needs a way to capture creative ideas and having a home studio setup is the best way to do that. Most musicians have at least a basic mixing console but a lot of these consoles don’t come equipped with Phantom Power. Why do you need Phantom Power? To power your large diaphragm studio microphone such as the Audio-Technica AT2050 microphone.    Continue reading “Get An External Phantom Power Supply For Your Studio Microphone”

Deals And Promotions From Musician’s Friend – August 2009

Special deals and limited run equipment from Musician’s Friend for the month of August, 2009.

Randy Rhoads with Jackson prototype guitar.
Randy Rhoads with Jackson prototype guitar.

  There are a couple of really cool deals for guitarists going on right now at Musician’s Friend. One of the most legendary and influential guitarists of all time was Mr. Randy Rhoads. He rose to fame playing with Ozzy Osbourne as Ozzy launched his stellar solo career. The success of Ozzy’s early solo work can be highly credited to the phenomenal guitar work of Randy Rhoads. If you were lucky enough to see Randy Rhoads onstage in Ozzy’s live band it was an experience you’ll never forget.

   Before Randy’s untimely death, he designed his ultra-famous Randy Rhoads Signature Model guitar with Grover Jackson of Jackson Guitars. This guitar has been highly sought by guitarists that love the Randy Rhoads sound. Right now at Musician’s Friend you can score a deal on a limited run of this amazing guitar that are numbered and signed by luthier Mike Shannon. Just click the banner below to check it out:

Randy Rhodes Limited Edition Guitars

 Another great special going on right now at Musician’s Friend is the big sale on Line 6 equipment. Line 6 makes an excellent line of modeling amplifiers that can almost rival the sweet sounds of my Fender Cyber-Twin SE. When I was shopping for a new amp I narrowed it down to the Line 6 Vetta or the Fender Cyber-Twin SE. The Fender finally won out but it was a tough choice.

   If you’re in the market for some excellent gear from Line 6, now is the time to buy. The prices have been lowered and the deals have never been better. Just click on the banner below to see these nice discounts:

Price Cuts on Line 6 Gear at

More Music Equipment Specials For Music123 – August, 2009

Special offers and discounts from Music123 online music equipment retailer.

   I promised some more great new offers from Music123 so today I’m posting up some more. Music123 has an incredibly wide selection of music equipment to outfit your live band with everything you need to get ready for the stage. It’s my personal opinion the Music123 has some of the best customer service on the Internet and I’ve had many positive experiences buying from them.

   The following specials are in effect until August 31, 2009.

Purchase a qualifying Washburn guitar or bass of $1,000 or more and get a $100 Prepaid Debit Card at (exp: 8/31) is giving away more than $3,300 worth of BOSS effects pedals (exp: 8/31)

Save $50 with mail-in rebate on Schecter Hellraiser and Blackjack ATX Guitars at (exp: 8/31)

Purchase any Monster Cable or Power Conditioner and receive $5 off instantly at (exp: 9/30)

Cash back and Free Gear at the Music123

August, 2009 Specials And Coupon Codes For Music123

August, 2009 special offers and coupon codes for music equipment at

   As you know, Music123 is one of the largest online music retailers in the world. I have used them a lot over the years and have always been very impressed with their outstanding customer service. They have treated me very well whenever I’ve had to return a product or had problems with a product I’ve purchased from Music123.

   There are some incredible deals going on right now at Music123 that I want to make you aware of. The following links will get you to the correct pages to check out the listed specials. All these specials run until August 31, 2009. The coupon codes are listed with the links so be sure you use them.  Continue reading “August, 2009 Specials And Coupon Codes For Music123”