Stewart Copeland Live Drum Recording Of “So Lonely” Mid 80’s

Live video recording of Stewart Copeland performing with The Police in the mid 1980’s.

   This is a live recording of The Police performing the song “So Lonely” during the 1980’s. This clip focuses on the drumming of Stewart Copeland. It’s no secret that The Police are a very high energy live band and this clip is a perfect example of them in their prime.

   What I like about this clip is that it shows just how fast and powerful Stewart’s drumming was back in the 80’s. I saw them on their last reunion tour and he is a much more disciplined and accurate drummer now. But, there is a fantastic energy to his drumming in this clip. It may not be the most accurate but it’s incredibly full of raw power and drive. That’s what makes live rock-n-roll so much fun is when that energy is spilling from the stage.

   I hope you enjoy this classic clip of The Police and their fabulous drummer, Stewart Copeland.    Continue reading “Stewart Copeland Live Drum Recording Of “So Lonely” Mid 80’s”

Joe Morello Drum Solo Circa 1961

Video of top Jazz drummer Joe Morello playing a very fascinating drum solo. Could this solo have influenced a young John Bonham?

   This is for all you drummers out there playing and working in a live band. This is a video clip of Jazz drum legend Joe Morello from around 1961. Joe is famous for his control of accents and rebounds. He played for many years with the Dave Brubeck Quartet and he’s featured on over 60 albums recorded by Dave Brubeck.

   Joe Morello’s album count is very impressive as he’s played on over 120 albums. He’s also written many top selling books about drumming inluding his book “Master Studies”. He is also included in Modern Drummer Magazine’s Hall Of Fame.

   What I like about this clip is the way Joe is using his hands to play his drumset at the beginning of the solo. It really makes me wonder if John Bonham had seen Joe Morello play like this at some point. As I’m sure you’re aware, John Bonham has a nice section in his “Moby Dick” solo where he plays with his hands. I guess we all learn from our heroes.     Continue reading “Joe Morello Drum Solo Circa 1961”

Bernard Purdie Drum Solo

Drum master Bernard Purdie plays an extremely musical drum solo in this video clip.

   This is a truly musical and fun drum solo by drum master Bernard Purdie. He has an incredible feel for playing in the groove and keeping right on the beat while playing a melodic drum solo. Anytime a drum solo makes you feel like dancing, it’s a successful drum solo. At the end of his solo he shares some truly sage advice for playing a drum solo. His advice can be applied to any solo instrument.    Continue reading “Bernard Purdie Drum Solo”

Hey All You Drummers, There’s Huge Savings On Zildjian Cymbals

Save huge money and get free cymbals during the Zildjian Cymbal sale at Musician’s Friend.

Zildjian Price Drops at  
For all you drummers out there that play in a Live Band, Musician’s Friend is having a big sale on Zildjian Cymbals right now. You can pick up some killer cymbal packs at very low prices. They’re even throwing in some free cymbals during this sale.

   I personally feel like a good selection of cymbals can turn a good drumset into a great drumset. All the drummers I play with have a large selection of cymbals and they really add to the overall sound of the band. So if you’re looking to flesh out the cymbal selection on your drumset, now’s the time to do it.

   The top selling Zildjian A Cymbal pack includes a 20″ Ride, 16″ Crash, and 14″ hi-hats, plus a free 14″ fast crash. It’s on sale for the low price of $599.95. That’s just too good of a deal to pass up! You can find many more deals just like that one during the big Zildjian Cymbal sale at Musician’s Friend. Hurry, because this sale is only going on for a limited time.

Zildjian Price Drops at

Zildjian A Zildjian Cymbal Pack With Free 14 Zildjian A Zildjian Cymbal Pack With Free 14″ Fast CrashThis A Series cymbal pack includes a 20″ Ride, 16″ Crash, and 14″ hi-hats, plus a free 14″ fast crash. Also includes a free Zildjian padded cymbal gig bag ($74.95 retail value).The Classic Zildjian Voice that started it all. These are the cymbals that launched a million drum solos and shaped musical history tried and true musical icons whose history spans centuries and infinite musical styles. A Zildjians are the world’s most popular and versatile cymbals, and for good reason. splashes, crashes, rides, hi-hats or effects, they all explode with a spectrum of tonal colors and excel in any musical setting. They’re extremely sensitive to your particular touch and style, yet capable of producing as much volume as your music demands.

Carl Palmer – Rock Drum Legend

Carl Palmer - Rock Drum Legend

   Carl Palmer of Emerson, Lake and Palmer fame as well as the supergoup Asia is one of my favorite rock drummers. He is a highly skilled live musician. He has a light touch and he’s amazingly accurate and fast. Carl was hailed as the rock-n-roll equivalent of jazz great Buddy Rich. I personally like to watch Carl Palmer using the classic jazz grip on the sticks. You don’t see it a lot with rock drummers. Another thing I really enjoy is Carls sense of showmanship. He knows how to put on a good show while playing the drumset. He is truly a great example of a good mix of musicianship and great stagecraft.

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Rock Band 2 Special Edition For Playstation 3 Review

Rock Band 2

 Rock Band 2 Special Edition was released for PlayStation 3 on Oct. 19th. Naturally, I picked it up that day and have been playing it since. Even though there aren’t any groundbreaking updates there are several very fun updates in Rock Band 2. Today I am going to turn Live Musician Central over to our new contributor, Skyler Rushton for a review of Rock Band 2. -Matt-

  The new Rock Band 2 Special Edition consists of a drum set, a microphone, and one rock band guitar. Continue reading “Rock Band 2 Special Edition For Playstation 3 Review”

Live Musician Central Tribute To Keith Moon

Keith Moon of The Who

   One of my very favorite drummers of all time is Keith Moon of The Who. He is the first drummer I remember ever focusing on with my complete attention while listening to a song. I remember being simply blown away by how varied his drumming was and how he could play so much yet still carry the rhythm of the song. The way Keith interacted with The Who’s music is simply perfect and The Who were a great band because of the way Keith played. Keith had a way of intertwining with the vocals, bass and guitar that would lift the other instruments up without overpowering them. It always amazed me how he could sound so scattered and out of time, yet be so perfectly in sync with the music.

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Save Money On Accessories With Coupon Code From Music123

Save 15% On Hearos Ear Plugs

   There’s a couple of really good deals going on at Music123 that I wanted to make you aware of. Right now all the accessories ship free on orders over $49. That’s half the usual amount to get free shipping. You usually have to order $99 to get free shipping but for the accessories you only have to order $49 worth of stuff to get free shipping.

   Second, there’s a great coupon code that you can use to get a 15% discount on all accessories. You can save a bunch of money by entering this coupon code during checkout when ordering accessories. Just click this link: 15% Off All Accessories with Coupon Code: B2S15 at That’s a great deal and it’s not going to last forever. So if you’re a live musician, now is the perfect time to pick up some much needed accessories for you and your band.

   Here’s a list of links to accessories that you can buy using the 15% discount code.

Horizon Concert Series 24-Channel/4-Return Stage Snake Standard

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Mogami Silver Series Microphone Cable 50 Foot

Nova 12-Pair Hickory Drumsticks Wood Rock

Roc-N-Soc NRX Nitro Rider Drum Throne Black

Furman PM-8 II Power Conditioner with Digital Volt And Current Meters Standard

Yamaha Portable Keyboard Survival Kit B Standard

Drum One Shield Two Drum Shield Standard

Fingerease Guitar String Lubricant Standard

Fender Instrument Care Kit by Meguiar’s Standard

Big Bends Nut Sauce Tuning Lubricant Standard

Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB Humbucker Pickup Black

EBow PlusEbow Electronic Bow for Guitar Standard

Clayton Acetal Standard Guitar Picks .80MM 1 Dozen

Dean Markley 2556 Blue Steel Regular Gauge Electric Guitar Strings Standard

M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal Standard

   That’s just a small sampling of the types of accessories that you can get right now at Music123. With the combined discounts of 15% off the price of the accessory and free shipping on orders over $49.00 you can save a bundle. So make sure you get in on the sale while you still can!

15% Off All Accessories with Coupon Code: B2S15

Roland HPD-10 Handsonic Percussion Controller

Roland Handsonic HPD-10

   Today I’d like to introduce you to the Roland HPD-10 Handsonic Percussion Controller. This is really an amazing instrument. The Handsonic is a drum controller meant to be played with your hands. It has 10 highly sensitive individual pads that have both pressure and positional sensitivity. That means you’ll get different sounds when you hit the pad hard, soft or closer to the edges of the individual pads. The Handsonic has 400 high-quality instrument sounds built in including congas, bongos, tabla, djembe and cajon.

   One of the coolest features of the Roland HPD-10 is the D Beam controller. The D Beam sends out a beam of infrared light which reflects off your hand or any other solid surface you put in front of it. Continue reading “Roland HPD-10 Handsonic Percussion Controller”

Back To School For Drummers

Remo Practice Pad

   My son is a drummer and every year we have to replenish his supply of back-to-school drumming items. If you have any kids in a percussion program I figured I’d save you some time searching for those essential back-to-school items that your student may need.

   Our list for this year included SD1 General Sticks, SD2 General Sticks, Stick Bag and a Practice Pad. Here are some links to the essentials for your percussion student.

   I have found all the links to buy the above products… Continue reading “Back To School For Drummers”