Roland HPD-10 Handsonic Percussion Controller

Roland Handsonic HPD-10

   Today I’d like to introduce you to the Roland HPD-10 Handsonic Percussion Controller. This is really an amazing instrument. The Handsonic is a drum controller meant to be played with your hands. It has 10 highly sensitive individual pads that have both pressure and positional sensitivity. That means you’ll get different sounds when you hit the pad hard, soft or closer to the edges of the individual pads. The Handsonic has 400 high-quality instrument sounds built in including congas, bongos, tabla, djembe and cajon.

   One of the coolest features of the Roland HPD-10 is the D Beam controller. The D Beam sends out a beam of infrared light which reflects off your hand or any other solid surface you put in front of it. This in turn triggers various sounds and effects. The D Beam is distance sensitive so you can change sounds by moving your hand closer to, or farther away from the D Beam. It’s very similar to how the classic Theremin works.

   Roland has a reputation for having very sensitive control pads and the Handsonic’s touch pads will respond to your lightest touch or sharpest slap. It also has a built-in rhythm coach which includes several different features to improve your rhythm and drumming skills. There’s Pad Follow which will display a pattern of pads for you to hit on the LCD and then test you to see if you can follow the pattern. The Rhythm Coach also has Time Check which will display how closely your are hitting on the beat. The Rhythm Coach will also teach you how to play new rhythms. I don’t know about you but when it comes to drum rhythms, I can always learn more.

   So check out the Roland HPD-10 Handsonic Percussion Controller today. Here’s a video demonstrating some of the capabilities of this awesome drum controller.

Roland HPD-10 Handsonic Percussion Controller Roland HPD-10 Handsonic Percussion ControllerThe Roland HandSonic 10 is more affordable and streamlined than its big brother the HPD-15 (441917 – see customer products box), yet it offers the same great pad response that made the original HandSonic so popular, along with some sensational features and a fresh sound set. New Sounds & PatternsAn all-new collection of sounds has been created for the HandSonic 10; approximately 400 high-quality instruments are onboard. All of the percussive essentials have been included — congas, bongos, tabla, djembe, cajon, etc. — as well as melodic percussion, drum kit, special effects, and more.Sensitive SurfaceWhether you’re laying down the most delicate finger rolls or the sharpest slaps, the HandSonic 10’s playing surface can handle anything you give it. The comfortable round surface is divided into ten individual pads with pressure- and positional-sensitivity. The popular D Beam is also included for dramatic triggering. Strike a virtual gong with your head, throw your fist into a crash cymbal, wiggle your fingers over a perfect chime gliss — you get the picture.Rhythm CoachFlaunting your chops on the stage or in the studio is the fun part, but behind the scenes it’s practice that gets you the gigs in the first place. For this purpose, Roland has equipped the HandSonic 10 with a Rhythm Coach. This virtual trainer provides exercises to improve your timing, consistency, and endurance.I/O OptionsWhile the HandSonic 10 is primarily a hand percussion instrument, users can add a Roland kick pad (optional) via the external trigger input, or add a Roland V-Pad. The input is dual-trigger compatible for double the triggering power via an optional PCS-31L Y-cable.

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