The Martin 00CXAE Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Martin 00CXAE

   My first guitar was a Korean made acoustic guitar that wasn’t even branded. I loved that guitar and it was my first step into a lifelong endeavor of being a guitarist. So when I finally wore the frets down to the wood I decided to get myself another acoustic guitar. What I was looking for was an acoustic guitar with the following qualities:          Continue reading “The Martin 00CXAE Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar”

Big Bends Guitar Care Products

Matt With Les Paul Custom

   I’ve written before about how much I use and love Big Bends Nut Sauce Tuning Lubricant. My Stratocaster and Les Paul guitars stay in tune so much better when I use Big Bends Nut Sauce that I just can’t live without it. Big Bends also makes a great line of guitar care products I’d like to turn you on to.

   My Les Paul Custom has a nitrocellulose finish on it that looks fantastic but is also quite fragile. I used to grab a terry cloth towel and some polish to clean it up but it was always a lot of work using terry cloth. Then I tried a Big Bends AXS Wipe Microfiber Polish Cloth and I was amazed at how quickly and how well my nitrocellulose finish cleaned up. The Microfiber Polish Cloth is just fantastic at picking up dirt and grime with a minimum of rubbing. If you’ve never tried a Big Bends AXS Wipe Microfiber Polish Cloth you gotta get one and try it.         Continue reading “Big Bends Guitar Care Products”

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