G3 Tour 2005 – Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci Perform “Smoke On The Water”

Watch this live concert video of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci performing “Smoke On The Water” live during the 2005 G3 tour.

  What can I say about these 3 groundbreaking, mind blowing live guitarists? This video clip is from the 2005 G3 Tour featuring Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and John Petrucci. As an added bonus you have Billy Sheehan on bass although he’s totally holding down the bottom end and keeping the song together on this one. I guess all I can say is sit back and enjoy as these three electric guitar masters trade unbelievable solo’s on the Deep Purple classic “Smoke On The Water”.

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Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton Playing Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love” Live At Ronnie Scott’s

Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton play their Stratocasters and trade solo licks on this incredible live performance.

   On Live Musician Central this week we’re celebrating the realease of Jeff Beck’s fabulous live concert titled “Jeff Beck Performing This Week: Live At Ronnie Scott’s”. This is truly a monumental live release for Jeff Beck as live concert footage of this quality has been extremely rare for him. The performance has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray with the Blu-Ray version having additional bonus features as well as DTS HD 5.1 sound. You can pick up the DVD from for a mere $9.99 and the Blu-Ray for $18.99 in the Live Musician Central store.     Continue reading “Jeff Beck & Eric Clapton Playing Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love” Live At Ronnie Scott’s”

Jeff Beck Video – Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club 2007 – Angel (Footsteps)

Live video of the great Jeff Beck performing the song ‘Angel (Footsteps)’ at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz club in 2007.

Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
Jeff Beck Live At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club

   What can I say about the great Jeff Beck? Of all the guitarists in history, he’s my personal favorite. If you listen to his recordings it’s easy to believe that he uses a lot of studio wizardry on his guitar. The truth is, he doesn’t. He uses very little in the way of effects. He’ll have a Wah-Wah, echo and a distortion pedal in his signal chain and that’s usually it. He doesn’t usually use a guitar pick because he prefers to use his fingers to create his amazing sound although I have seen him employ the use of a plectrum when he’s after a certain attack. The big question is, can he create what he does live? The answer is a great big YES! He’s simply an amazing guitar player and everytime I see a video of him perform I just can’t stop watching it.    Continue reading “Jeff Beck Video – Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club 2007 – Angel (Footsteps)”

The Tielman Brothers – Rollin’ Rock (live 1960)

The Tielman Brothers from Indonesia play some serious Rock-N-Roll in this live video performance of “Rollin’ Rock” from 1960.

   All I can say after watching this amazing live performance is wow! The Tielman Brothers come from Indonesia and they are just incredible to watch perform. They really knew how to put on a show. It’s a true art to have four people put on a single dynamic stageshow. They each take a turn in the spotlight and all four brothers are truly talented. This kind of energetic performance is what rock-n-roll is really all about. I do have to say, it made me a little squeamish when the lead guitarist wedged the neck of that beutiful Les Paul on the floor and put his foot down on it to play it with his foot. I thought for sure that guitar neck was going to snap.

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Keith Emerson Piano Solo

Keith Emerson plays an amazing keyboard solo at the Montreax festival in 1997.

   Keith Emerson is one of the best keyboard showmen in all of live music. He’s not just a proficient keyboard player, his appeal really lies in his ability to combine showmanship with ability. Keith really has a unique keyboard playing style which is very percussive. He has fast hands and can play very technical classical music. As I said, he doesn’t just sit there and dazzle you with his keyboard playing skill. In concert he has been known to jam knives into his Hammond organ to hold down specific keys while he plays. He’s been seen jumping over his keyboard and tipping it upside down and playing it in that position. He’s never been afraid to experiment and express music with simple sound manipulation. His Moog Synthesizer solo on the ELP song “Lucky Man” put synthesizer playing front and center in popular music.

   In this clip, he’s playing a piano solo at the Montreaux festival in 1997. It’s a jazz festival and the progressive players really seem to step it up at this particular event. It’s fun to watch Keith as he just can’t resist doing zany things during the solo like playing a few hits with his elbow. That particular move’s musical relevance within the solo is questionable but the showmanship aspect of it is undeniable. That’s Keith Emerson in a nutshell. Watch this clip and you’ll get a little bit of understanding into what makes Keith tick.     Continue reading “Keith Emerson Piano Solo”

Rick Wakeman Keyboard Solo

Keyboardist Rick Wakeman of Yes fame takes an electrifying keyboard solo.

   One of my favorite live musicians is Rick Wakeman who is best known for his keyboard work with progressive rock group ‘Yes’. Rick also has a huge body of recorded work and has played studio sessions with many famous artists. It’s his skill as a live keyboard player that we’re going to enjoy today though. This is a video of Rick playing a keyboard solo during the Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe tour of 1989 (that must explain the mullet!). I think this video showcases Rick’s skill as a live player quite well and it’s fun to see a player of his skill get a few minutes to just break loose and play.    Continue reading “Rick Wakeman Keyboard Solo”

The Beatles Anthology Reunion Jam

George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited for the Beatles Anthology project and had a fun informal jam.

  Here’s a really cool live jam George, Paul and Ringo did in 1994 during the production of  The Beatles Anthology. The beginning seems a bit uninspired but they really kick it on “Blue Moon Of Kentucky”. The best part is hearing Paul and George harmonize on “Blue Moon Of Kentucky” towards the end of the clip.

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Amazing Singers Paul Potts and Connie Talbot from Britains Got Talent

Two amazing singers emerged from the 2007 season of Britains Got Talent. Paul Potts and Connie Talbot.

   For today’s live artist spotlight I’m going to feature two amazingly talented singers that were discovered on the British television show titled “Britain’s Got Talent”. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you’ve already seen these video clips as they’ve had millions of views on the Internet. The clips are from the 2007 season of Britain’s Got Talent and the winner has already been decided. If you don’t know who won, I won’t spoil it for you. Although I will say the winner was chosen from one of the two singers that I’ve posted clips of below.

   First up I have little Connie Talbot who is 6 years old. I am a jaded old musician and I’m extremely critical of other musicians. So it’s easy for me to write off this little girl since she doesn’t sing spot on, dead perfect. I have to remember she’s 6 years old!! So honestly, I am amazed at her skill. Second on the list is Mr. Paul Potts. A man who struggles with self confidence and who has the glamorous career of mobile phone salesman. So it’s a bit shocking to see such a boring old regular guy just kill it singing a very unexpected tune.

   I’ve posted up the auditions of both singers as well as a couple more clips that show their progression through the show. In the last clip, you can find out who won the Britain’s Got Talent competition.

6 Year Old Connie Talbot Audition (fast-forward to :55 to see her sing)

Paul Potts BGT Audition
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The Who’s John Entwistle – Bass Solo

The Who’s John Entwistle plays a thundering bass solo in this clip.

   One of my favorite bands also has one of my favorite bass players, Mr. John Entwistle. His recorded work with the Who is just incredible to listen to and his bass solo on My Generation is one of the most famous recorded bass solos ever. He’s also an outstanding live musician and has no reservations about taking exteneded bass solos live. Today I’m posting up a clip of John Entwistle playing a bass solo in the middle of the song 5:15 from Quadrophenia. It was recorded at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000. I really like the way his bass sounds on this solo and the camera attached to the top of his bass neck really gives an interesting visual perspective. It’s cool to watch him use his E-String drop tuner as well. The scales that he plays are pure John Entwistle and they’re comprised of a style that the man himself forged. They may not make perfect sense in a music theory setting but they’re pure Entwistle. Any musician that can create such a unique signature sound as well as a unique melodic signature should be revered. I like how Roger Daltrey introduces him at the end of the song.

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Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess Keyboard Solo

Amazing keyboard solo by Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess.

   I’ve got a great clip for all you keyboard players out there. It’s from phenomenal live musician, Jordan Rudess who plays keyboards for Dream Theater. I find it extremely inspiring to see how far a skilled musician can take their playing on their instrument. Jordan is definitely one of the best keyboard players in all of rock-n-roll. I hope you enjoy the clip!

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