Fishman FT-1 Digital Clip-On Guitar Tuner Review

The Fishman FT-1 clip-on digital guitar tuner makes tuning your guitar fast, easy and convenient.

Fisman FT-1 Digital Guitar Tuner
Fishman FT-1 Digital Clip-On Guitar Tuner

          One thing I’m always looking for is a way to make things more convenient in my live band. The Fishman FT-1 Digital tuner is a great tuner to use if you want a quick, easy and fast tune. While not as accurate as some other tuners such as my Peterson 490-ST Strobe Tuner, the FT-1 is a great tuner to use if you need a quick tune on the fly. It’s great for tuning before practice or mid-song at a gig and is easily clipped on and off the guitar. You can also use this tuner on both your acoustic guitar and your electric guitar.    Continue reading “Fishman FT-1 Digital Clip-On Guitar Tuner Review”

Live Musician Central Top Posts Of 2010

Top 10 Posts Of 2010 On Live Musician Central
Top 10 Posts Of 2010 On Live Musician Central

   Well it’s that time to reflect on the past year and start making our top ten lists. For all you musician’s out there playing in a live band I hope you’ve found Live Musician Central useful. I’ve had more traffic than ever to the site this past year and there have been some very popular posts. So I’ve put together a list of the top ten posts of 2010 on Live Musician Central. I wasn’t too surprised that the Fender Cyber-Twin SE Amplifier preset downloads were so popular. I’ve had a lot of good feedback on those. I was surprised that my post on the Musician’s Friend Stupid Deal Of The Day got so much traffic though. Without further ado, here’s your top ten posts of 2010!     Continue reading “Live Musician Central Top Posts Of 2010”

Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns Album Review

Review of the Linkin Park album A Thousand Suns release date September 2010.

Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns
Linkin Park - A Thousand Suns

   I was never a fan of Linkin Park’s early records. I’ve always hated Chester Bennington’s distorted screeching that ruins almost every song he’s used that irritating vocal style on. That being said, the bands last album Minutes To Midnight was a turning point in the bands style and creative flow. The songs were suddenly better, the screeching vocals less prominent with actual singing taking it’s place. I became a big fan of the band after listening to Minutes To Midnight over and over again. (Although I did have to edit out Bennington’s screeching, scratchy, distorted, awful vocal in one section of the song Given Up.)    Continue reading “Linkin Park – A Thousand Suns Album Review”

Complete Portable P.A. System Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V

The Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V is an excellent P.A. package package that has everything you need for your live band.

Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V
Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V P.A. System Package

   If you play in a smaller live band such as a 2 to 4 person group then I’m sure you understand the need for a smaller P.A. system. A lot of acoustic duos will go out and play with a small amp, a couple mics and a pair of small speakers. But with a larger 3 or 4 person group I’m sure you’ve learned that you need more than just a  little 4-channel powered mixer head and a couple of speakers.

   I’d like to talk about an excellent P.A. system for smaller groups of two to four people. The Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V is a complete P.A. package that will have your smaller group completely covered for all your P.A. needs. At the heart of the system is an dual-channel, 500 Watt per channel, powered mixer that has 8 total microphone inputs. The really nice thing about the EMX512SC is the added bonus of four of the eight channels being able to function as either mono microphone inputs or stereo line inputs. This gives the amp/mixer a total of 12 input channels.     Continue reading “Complete Portable P.A. System Yamaha EMX512SC/S115V”

Behringer Eurorack UB2442FX-PRO Mixer Review

The Behringer UB2442FX-PRO is a lot of mixer for a very low price but it’s build quality is not the best.

Behringer Eurorack UB2442FX-PRO Mixer
Behringer Eurorack UB2442FX-PRO Mixer

The most important component in your live band’s P.A. system is the mixing console. Without a mixer you’re not going to be able to mix your live sound properly when playing a gig. I’ve written a couple posts such as “You Need A P.A. System To Play A Gig” detailing how important having a good P.A. system is to the success of your band.

Today I’m going to talk about a budget mixer made by Behringer called the Eurorack UB2442FX-PRO. I know that many of you that have experience with Behringer equipment are rolling your eyes right now and I don’t blame you. Behringer has a reputation for cheap equipment that doesn’t always come with the best build quality. I know I’ve had my share of problems with Behringer equipment but at the same time I’ve been able to use Behringer products quite successfully in my studio and with my live band.    Continue reading “Behringer Eurorack UB2442FX-PRO Mixer Review”

The Who Superbowl Halftime Show Review

Review of The Who performance during Halftime of Superbowl fourty-four.

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend
Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who

   I would certainly be remiss in my duties if I didn’t give a post to review the Superbowl halftime performance of one of the most legendary live bands of all time, The Who. First of all let me tell you that I am a huge Who fan and I have been since the very first time I heard them. The Who are actually one of the biggest influences on my playing and songwriting. Still, I’ll try to be objective about their Superbowl halftime performance.    Continue reading “The Who Superbowl Halftime Show Review”

Microsoft Zune HD vs. Apple iPod Touch Review

A close look at the Microsoft Zune HD and how it compares to the Apple iPod Touch.

Microsoft Zune HD
Microsoft Zune HD

   A good portable music player is not only a great personal entertainment device, it’s also essential to have one to use with your live band. You can use it for learning songs while your practice as well as using it to play break music at gigs. Today we’re going to take a look at the Microsoft Zune HD and how it compares to the Apple iPod Touch.

   The overall capacity of the two music players is relatively the same. The Zune HD is available in a 16GB and a 32GB model while the Ipod touch is available in an 8GB model, a 32GB model and a 64G model. Apple offers the Ipod in both smaller and larger models than the Zune, but I feel like the Zune hits a good midpoint. 16GB and 32GB both let you have a fair amount of music and video on your device. Apples 8GB model will only let you hold a few hours of music along with one or two full length videos. To be fair, I was somewhat disappointed that Microsoft didn’t have a larger size of the Zune HD available.   Continue reading “Microsoft Zune HD vs. Apple iPod Touch Review”

2010 Grammy Awards Review

Review of the 2010 Grammy Award show with a focus on the live performances.

Pink Performs At 2010 Grammy Awards
Pink Performs At 2010 Grammy Awards

   The 2010 Grammy Awards were a very interesting spectacle this year. At times it was entertaining, at times it was boring and predictable. The live performances overall were actually quite good and there were some great ones as well as some real duds. Since this is Live Musician Central, we’ll be reviewing the live performances more than the actual winners.

   One of the best performances of the night for me was the Les Paul tribute by Jeff Beck and Imelda May. Their performance of the Les Paul/Mary Ford classic “How High The Moon” was simply excellent. Jeff’s guitar was one of the few lead guitars that was actually properly mixed for the evening. Another of my favorite performances was Andrea Bocelli and Mary J. Blige singing Bridge Over Troubled Water. Andrea Bocelli’s voice was simply amazing.   Continue reading “2010 Grammy Awards Review”

Danelectro FAB Chorus Pedal Review

The Danelectro FAB Chorus is one of the best sounding mono chorus pedals I have ever heard, and it’s dirt cheap too.

Danelectro Fab Chorus
Danelectro FAB Chorus - Excellent Sound, Incredible Price

   I’ve been playing guitar in a live band for a lot of years now and I’ve come to rely on some basic guitar effects to help shape my sound. One of the most important effects you can add to your guitar effects collection is the Chorus effect. If you don’t know how a chorus works its quite simple. Chorusing makes your guitar sound like multiple guitars being played, hence the name Chorus. It accomplishes this effect by putting a slight delay and modulating the original signal then mixing the modulated signal with the original.

   Today I’m going to talk about an incredibly affordable chorus pedal called the FAB Chorus by Danelectro. The FAB Chorus is a colored a metallic blue, has an on/off indicator light, an on/off button and 3 knobs that control Mix, Speed and Depth. The FAB Chorus is a mono chorus as opposed to more expensive stereo chorus effects. As you know, a stereo chorus effect will yield a wider and more ambient chorus effect split between two stereo channels. The FAB Chorus is made to be used with a mono guitar amplifier.     Continue reading “Danelectro FAB Chorus Pedal Review”

The Beatles – Rock Band Video Game Review

The Beatles – Rock Band is an excellent video game for hardcore Beatles Fans and gamers as well.

The Beatles - Rock Band Video Game
The Beatles - Rock Band Video Game

  It’s been done with with some great live bands such as AC/DC, Metallica and Aerosmith, but The Beatles Rock Band is like a dream come true for fans around the world. Harmonix has done an amazing job of bringing the music of the Beatles to life in an interactive setting, giving fans the chance to step into the shoes of any one of the Fab Four and play through their career.

 From the time I popped in the game to when I had to force myself to turn it off, I was in Beatles heaven. The re-mastered audio tracks of the game sound amazing and the graphics are visually pleasing. Stages of the game are played in digital representations of the same venues the Beatles played in, such as the Ed Sullivan Show and Shea Stadium. The only stage that differs from the others is the Abbey Road recordings. Rather than show repeated scenes of the historic recording space, Harmonix created imaginative dreamscapes to represent the lyrics and tones of the music being played.    Continue reading “The Beatles – Rock Band Video Game Review”