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Weekend Set List For Your Live Band To Play – Classic Rock

   For this weeks Live Musician Central set list for your live band to play, we present a Classic Rock setlist. It’s no secret that classic rock is a sure way to get people up and dancing whenever your band plays. You could start a classic rock band and make a good living only playing classic rock songs.    

   These are classic rock songs that will help keep people excited and dancing. As with all the Live Musician Central set lists they are merely a guide for songs your band can learn or that you can play for break music. These songs are time tested and proven to work in front of a live audience.

   I’m featuring songs from Amazon.com MP3 download service because they are less expensive than iTunes, sound better than iTunes, and can be played on any MP3 capable music player including iPods and iPhones. So get to downloading and start learning these songs today!

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