Korg Pandora PX5D Multi-Effect Processor For Bass And Guitar

Korg Pandora PX5D
Korg PX5D Pandora

   I previously reviewed the Korg ToneWorks PX4D and gave it my highest recommendation because of the many applications that it has in your gear arsenal. To read that review click here. The latest and greatest offering in the Korg Pandora line is the:
Korg Pandora PX5D Guitar Multi Effects Processor Silver.

   The Pandora PX5D has some major new features that will make your life easier and you’ll have more fun using it.  The new feature that I like the most is the built in USB capability. This allows you to interface directly with your computer and record your guitar directly into an audio workstation such as Sony Acid 6.0. The Pandora PX5D comes with a version of Ableton Live Lite which is quite versatile. Another huge advantage of having the USB connection is the ability to program the PX5D using the included Sound Editor. It makes creating new patches a cinch. If you own one of the previous Pandoras and loved jamming to a long, complex rhythm and chord pattern but you hated all the time it took you to put it together, you’ll love how easy it is to create these patterns on your computer. It will allow you to chain together up to 16 different rhythm & bass patterns and specify how many times that pattern repeats. You can then record your own rhythm playing on top of that chain and have it all play back for you to jam along with. As I said before, this is invaluable for learning how to play solos and perfecting your ability to play with a beat. The USB connection will also power the PX5D which means you can leave it on with the backlight and the batteries will never run down. That makes it an ideal guitar interface for recording. Finally, the USB will also function as an audio input allowing you record into the PX5D from your computer. So if you’ve built a great song that you want to play guitar over you can load it into the PX5D and have it playback while you play guitar. You can just slip the PX5D in your pocket and take it with you along with your complex backing track.

   Another really cool feature of the Korg Pandora PX5D is the included stereo cable which will support two footswitches. You can use these footswitches to step through programs as well as control Start-Stop-Record in Rhythm & Bass and Phrase Trainer modes. Having the ability to step through programs using the footswitch makes this a very viable effects processor for live use.

   The Korg Pandora PX5D has 128 preset rhythm patterns for you to use. These include standard metronome settings if you’d prefer to practice to a metronome. I personally prefer a beat so I can learn to feel the groove while I’m playing.

   So the main upgrade in my opinion is the excellent USB interface. It makes the Korg Pandora PX5D very much easier than ever before to program and create complex rhythm chains. I recommend this piece of equipment simply for its sheer versatility. The fact that it sounds great too is just icing on the cake.

Korg Pandora PX5D Guitar Multi Effects Processor Silver Korg Pandora PX5D Guitar Multi Effects Processor SilverThe PX5D multi effect processor joins Korg’s respected PANDORA series, famous for packing high-quality sounds and ease of use into a pocket size unit. Easy to enjoy anywhere and anytime. The PX5D provides a total of 180 realistic and wide-ranging effects created using Korg’s world-acclaimed, proprietary “REMS” modeling technology. Included are simulations that recreate classic vintage and modern, high-gain amps, as well as effects ranging from the familiar to the unique. Numerous effects designed specifically for bass are also included, making the PX5D a great choice not only for the guitarist but for the bassist as well. In a first for the PANDORA series, a USB-MIDI/USB audio interface is also provided, allowing you to use the PX5D with your computer to transfer audio data or record into your DAW software. The inclusion of “Ableton Live Lite6 Korg Edition” recording software enables you to start recording as soon as you open the box. There’s also dedicated editor/librarian software that lets you edit and manage programs from your computer. All the classic features you have come expect from the PANDORA are also present, to help the guitarist or bassist practice, perform and record.An amazing 180 modeling effects powered by “REMS” technology Korg’s proprietary “REMS” modeling technology, acclaimed by musicians around the world, is used to power the PANDORA’s broad variety of realistic effects. These effects include models of various guitar amps and bass amps, as well as both standard effects and fresh new effects found only on the PANDORA.Numerous guitar/bass amp modeling effects and synth effects The PX5D provides faithfully modeled simulations of the vintage and high-end amps sought after by guitarists and bassists. Eighteen types for guitar and ten types for bass perfectly capture the warm and rich resonance of a tube amp. Realistically reproduced models of many different cabinets and speakers are also provided, offering differences in speaker size and cabinet structure for superb presence and depth. You can even combine cabinets and speakers freely with any amp models, letting you experience combinations not possible on the original units themselves. There are also synth effects that let you create unique and fresh new sounds, with three choices each for guitar and bass. A great selection of effects with quality that rivals dedicated processor unitsThe PX5D gives you a wide selection of effects, ranging from simulations of hard-to-find vintage units to fresh new sounds original to the PANDORA series. These include, pickup modeling, to give your instrument a single-coil or dual-coil sound; an intelligent pitch shifter, letting you automatically add harmonies to your performance; a talk effect that makes your guitar seem to speak; a slow attack effect to simulate a violin or cello; a feedback effect that allows feedback performance techniques normally achievable only at high volumes; a 


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