Weekend Gig Report – In Stereo at Canyon Inn, January 9-10, 2009

Review of In Stereo playing at the Canyon Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 9-10, 2009.

In Stereo Bass Drum Logo
In Stereo Bass Drum Logo

   In Stereo rocked the Canyon Inn this chilly January weekend. The Canyon Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah is a great place for live bands to play and we really enjoyed being there. We hadn’t played for a while so we had quite a bit of rust to knock off for this show. We started out pretty rough on Friday night but by the time we finished on Saturday night we were back in really good form.

   Friday night the effects of the U.S. economies current recession was really evident in the club. Usually during the peak ski season the Canyon Inn fills up to capacity every night. Friday it was only about half full. That was probably a good thing because we didn’t have our sharp edge intact as we were a bit rusty from the time off over the holidays. Luckily we pulled it together and ended up giving a really good show. We got a lot of compliments from the crowd and the staff so I’m sure we did better than I thought. That’s one thing about playing so long is that I’ve gotten used to being close to perfect all the time when we play. So when we’re a little looser than I’m used to I tend to get a bit frustrated. The crowd will usually let you know if you’re really dying up there and the crowd was giving us positive feedback so I’m sure we did fine. We had some people come up and tell us that it was great to have us back as we hadn’t played there for a while.

   Saturday night we were back on top of our game. Things went really well and the club filled up to capacity. We had people on the dance floor the entire night and even pulled out a few songs we hadn’t played for about a year just for the hell of it. The crowd was extremely appreciative and they showed their love with tips, high fives and lots of compliments. The mood in the room on Saturday night was really upbeat and positive which makes it a lot of fun for the band to play. Whenever the crowd is into it things go really well for the band. It’s that whole band/audience synergy and it just adds up to a really fun time for everyone. We played until we literally had blisters on our fingers! The crowd kept calling us back for more and with all the beautiful women in the room how could we say no? So we played long and hard.

   All in all it was a really good weekend even though things were slow on Friday night. I really blame the recession for that as people just don’t have the extra cash to go out and spend. I guess it could be that people are still a bit hung over from the holidays as well. The staff said we were great and are looking forward to having us back there in February. So keep and eye on Live Musician Central for our next scheduled gig.

   Lastly we’d like to thank all our fans, friends and family that came out to see us this weekend. You guys make playing the ultimate in fun and we really appreciate you all being there for In Stereo!

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