Weekend Gig Report – In Stereo at Canyon Inn August 21-22, 2009

Recap of the In Stereo gig at the Canyon Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah on August 21-22, 2009.

In Stereo - Live At The Canyon Inn
In Stereo - Live At The Canyon Inn

 My live band “In Stereo” played at the Canyon Inn in Salt Lake City, Utah this past weekend. The Canyon Inn is becoming our home club since we play there so often. In Stereo seems to have pretty good success every time we play there. The regulars tell us we’re one of the better bands that play there and it’s nice to hear those kind of comments. I personally believe we’re the best band that plays there buy hey, I’m biased.

   This gig was sort of a surprise as we didn’t have it down on the band calender. But our agent called us up to “remind” us that we were booked to play at the Canyon Inn. It was news to us that we were booked at all but being the professionals that we are, we honored the commitment our agent made for us. We went into this gig without any practices but we have been playing together for about 14 years so we weren’t too worried.    

   We had what I would call a typical weekend at the Canyon Inn. It seems like this last year especially that we’ve had one really good night and one okay night when we play a weekend there. It’s impossible to tell which night will be the really good one. Sometimes it’s Friday, sometimes it’s Saturday. This time it turned out that Friday night was the really good night.

   Friday night started out slow. When we started playing there was only about 25 people in the club. The weather had been very hot and I think people were waiting for it to cool down a bit before going out. During the first set it really started to fill up. By the beginning of the 2nd set there were probably around 100 people there so it was a decent sized crowd.

   The great thing about Friday is how into the band everybody was. There was cheering right from the very first song and it never let up through the whole night. It’s tough to keep a crowd into it on a hot night for four hours but we managed to pull it off. The band played exceptionally well and the music was really happening. We had energy and kept the songs rolling off one right after the other. It was a really good night all the way around. It’s always a pleasure for me to play relaxed and just have fun. It was that kind of night.

   Heidi Nedreberg was there singing with us both nights. On Friday night we played two of her original songs called “Champagne Suicide” and “Danger”. It’s the first time we’ve performed those songs live onstage before and I thought they sounded really good for the first time live. I’m getting very excited about playing Heidi’s music in front of some more audiences. The band will get better and the songs are already there.

   Saturday night, it was even hotter outside and the club was hot inside as well. There wasn’t as much energy from the band or the crowd. The show had peaks and valleys in terms of the energy level. Overall, we played really well and the crowd had it’s moments. We did have some fun trying to play peoples requests and even attempted some White Stripes songs we hadn’t played for a couple of years. They didn’t go really well but hey, we had fun trying anyway.

   On Saturday we did have the dancers up right from the first song but I think the heat took it’s toll on everyone as the night went on. We were happy to finish the night up and pack up to head home. It wasn’t a terrible night, but it wasn’t as good as Friday.

   This was a very sudden gig so we didn’t have a lot of friends and family show up. We had a few though and it was great to have them there. It’s always good to feel some love from our fans. You people are why we play! Thanks for coming to the show. -Matt-

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