Stuart Hamm – Bass Guitar Master Playing Bass Solo

Video clip of bass guitar master Stuart Hamm playing an incredible bass solo.

   Stuart Hamm is one of the finest bass players I have ever heard. He is amazingly skilled on the bass guitar and he also has mad skills as a live musician as well. The thing I like most about Stuart Hamm is his ability to play the bass with such great feeling. He has the flashy licks and can play as fast as anyone but I believe his strength is in his ability to inject true emotion into his bass playing.

   In this video clip you can hear a perfect example of what I’m talking about at the beginning of the clip. The little piece he plays moves and swells with great feeling. Then of course he starts horsing around but to his credit, it makes for a great show.

   This video clip is from a concert Stuart did with Joe Satriani and is from the “Joe Satriani – Live In San Francisco 2001” DVD. Stuart plays bass in Joe’s backing band when he’s not doing studio work or performing with his own band. If you listen to the audience it may sound like they’re booing but they’re really saying “Stuuuuu!!!” because they enjoy it so much.    

Stuart Hamm – Bass Solo

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