Line 6 X2 XDS95 Wireless Guitar System Review

The Line 6 X2 XSS95 has fantastic sound quality, good reliability and is very inexpensive. Here’s the review.

Line 6 X2 XDS95 Wireless Instrument System
Line 6 X2 XDS95 Wireless Guitar System

   I’ve recently been playing in a live band with my Son’s called Bonne Nuit and they were quite envious of my Shure wireless guitar system. I decided to get them their own wireless guitar systems and decided on the Line 6 X2 XDS95 Wireless Guitar System. I got two XDS95’s, one for my bass player and one for my rhythm guitar player. My choice was based mainly on the low price and the fact that this is a full digital wireless guitar system. I have been extremely pleased with this wireless guitar system in terms of reliability and especially in terms of sound quality. It’s one purchase I have never regretted. The following review was written by my son Erik Rushton.  

   “I own a lot of Line 6 gear and have always been amazed by how well it works and sounds. Especially for what I paid for it. The X2 XDS95 digital wireless receiver is no exception to my past experiences with Line 6 equipment.

    On the box of the X2 XDS95, Line 6 states “Wired tone. Wireless freedom.” I practice wired and when I switch to my X2 XDS95 either on stage or in practice, I can tell no difference in sound quality. The X2 XDS95 is a digital 24 bit system which really makes your tone sound a lot better than analog systems. Plus, the digital signal gives you a great wireless freedom. When I first bought my receiver I wanted to test it’s range out. I got about 50 feet and two brick walls between my transmitter and receiver before my sound cut out. On stage I have never had a problem with my signal dropping out.

    Another great thing about having a digital signal over an analog one is there is no loss of sound quality as you get farther away from your receiver. If you happen to get out of range, your sound will just abruptly stop rather than changing to static or distorting. Also, if you run out of battery power your sound will just cut off without any noticeable noise.

   The X2 XDS95 has five different channels to choose from which makes it so five people can be using their own X2 XDS95 at the same time. So when you’re bass player sees how awesome your wireless is, you can tell him to get one too!

   One complaint with the X2 XDS95 is it’s actual battery life. Line 6 claims that the transmitter will operate for 11 hours and the receiver for 8 hours each on just a single 9V battery. In actuality I usually get around 6 hours on the transmitter and 5-6 on the receiver. Luckily, you can operate the receiver  on a standard 9V power adapter. I recommend forking out the extra cash to just get the power adapter. It makes playing that much easier and enjoyable. 

    Another problem I have with the X2 XDS95 is the cable that is provided for the guitar to transmitter connection. It plugs into the guitar with a ¼” plug but plugs into the transmitter with a 1/8” plug. Cables like that are hard to find if you need a replacement and the generally don’t come cheap. I have had no problems with mine so far but I do recommend being extra careful with it.

    What really amazed me about this wireless system, and pretty much all Line 6 gear, is how relatively cheap it was. Great digital wireless receivers from a top of the line company like Shure can cost anywhere from $400 – $600 dollars.  Guitar Center lists the X2 XDS95 at $299.  That pricing difference keeps me coming back to Line 6 over and over again 

   I recommend the Line 6 X2 XDS95 wireless receiver for all musicians wanting wireless freedom for a cheap price. Once you go wireless on stage you’ll never want to go back to wired. And for all the musicians running analog wireless systems, once you go digital you’ll never want to go back.”

   The Line 6 X2 XDS95 is getting harder to find online. The best alternative the X2 XDS95 is the Line 6 Relay G30 Digital Wireless Guitar System. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with either system.

Line 6 X2 XDS-95 24-BIT WIRELESS INSTRUMENT SYSTEM Standard Line 6 X2 XDS-95 24-BIT WIRELESS INSTRUMENT SYSTEM StandardWired tone, wireless freedom, stompbox size.

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