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From now until November 26 you can get 15% off your entire order at Music123. Music123 is an online music store that caters to every type of musician whether you play live or just like to record. I’ve always had good experiences ordering from Music123. Here’s an experience I had recently when I ordered a product. I had ordered several different types of guitar picks to experiment with including the Jellifish Chorus Guitar Pick. Somehow, the Jellifish got crushed during shipping and all the wires on it got bent. I called Music123 and they sent me out a brand new one, completely free without making me return the damaged one. Now that’s customer service! So make sure you check out the great sale and excellent products at Music123.

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Planet Waves CT-03 Pro String Winder With Cutter And Tuner

Planet Waves CT-03 Pro WinderTunerCutter

   One of the most essential tools you can have for your guitar and bass collection is a string winder. It’s a real challenge to hold the string in place while with one hand while having to reposition your other hand every time you want to give the tuning head a half turn. The other tools you need every time you change strings are a string cutter and a tuner. Well, the Planet Waves CT-03 Pro String Winder\Tuner\Cutter is the tool for you. You can have all 3 tools right there in your hand while changing strings. The built-in tuner is so handy you’ll wonder how you lived without it before.

   The Planet Waves CT-03 Pro String Winder also has a built-in bridge pin puller. It’s nice to have that for pulling the bridge pins on your acoustic guitar. The string winder is a really handy tool and makes changing your strings so much easier. Continue reading “Planet Waves CT-03 Pro String Winder With Cutter And Tuner”

Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass

This is an incredible deal on a really good Acoustic-Electric Bass guitar, the Michael Kelly Firefly bass.

Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass

Since discussing playing an acoustic gig in yesterdays post on Live Musician Central I figured I should talk about an excellent solution for bass players. I’d like to point you to the Michael Kelly Firefly 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass. It’s a very affordable acoustic bass guitar and is an incredible bargain for the price. It can be very difficult to find an acoustic bass that sounds good unplugged but the Michael Kelly Firefly really sounds good unplugged. Of course, it’s on-board electric pickup gives you the ability to plug in and that’s where this bass really shines.

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How To Get Your Band In Tune

Peterson Stroboflip VS-F

   I’m going to talk about a common problem that I hear quite often when I’m out listening to bands. It’s a problem I’ve encountered working with various musicians in my studio as well. The problem that I’m talking about is the use of several different electronic tuners while tuning the various instruments in a band. You would think that a tuner is a tuner and that they’re all properly calibrated but the truth is that any individual tuner can be slightly out of calibration. If you have two different tuners and they’re both a little bit out of calibration, let’s say one is slightly sharp and the other is slightly flat, you’ll hear a big difference in tuning between the different instruments that have been tuned on them. The audience will simply hear an out of tune band which isn’t good for any performance by a live musician.

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The Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner

Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner

   I have a Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner that is by far the most accurate and best tuner I have ever used. It is a strobe tuner so it has unparalleled accuracy when it comes to tuning your instrument. I use the Peterson 490-ST AutoStrobe Tuner to set the intonation on my guitars and it works flawlessly.

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The Amazing Ebow Plus

   One of the most interesting devices to come along for guitarists and bass guitarists is the Ebow. It’s a small handheld device that you hold just above your guitar string. The Ebow causes the string to vibrate using magnetic energy which gived the effect of a bowed cello string. It’s really an amazing little device and it’s been used on a lot of recordings over the years. The Ebow Plus is an updated version of the classic Ebow. The Ebow Plus gets the strings moving a lot easier than the old Ebow which required you to pick the string to get it moving.

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Planet Waves S.O.S. Guitar And Bass Tuner

Planet Waves S.O.S. Guitar and Bass tuners give you the accuracy of a strobe tuner in a small, handheld package at a fraction of the price.

Planet Waves S.O.S. Strobe Tuner

If you’ve read up on electronic tuners then I’m sure you know that strobe tuners are the most accurate tuners in the world. You can’t get any closer to perfect tuning electronically than with a strobe tuner. I have an excellent Peterson 490-ST Strobe Tuner that cost me around $750.00 to buy. I use that tuner at home to tune my piano and setup my guitars. I certainly don’t haul it around to gigs with me. What if I told you you could get a strobe tuner for $14.95?

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