The Importance Of Strap Locks

I have to tell you the story of my beautiful Surf Green, Jeff Beck Signature Fender Stratocaster. My Jeff Beck Signature Strat was the perfect storm of all the right fender parts coming together in one guitar. I have the 1998 model with the double single coil lace sensor setup in the bridge position and the single lace sensors in the middle and the neck positions. I loved the Lace Sensor Pickups and the LSR roller nut. The neck was a little fat but I got used to it quickly and it’s very comfortable and comparable to my Les Paul Custom.   
At the time it was the most expensive guitar I had ever bought. I paid $1150.00 for it. So I really took care with the guitar. Well, one night at practice, disaster struck. I don’t know how it happened, I wasn’t jumping around like I do onstage or anything I was just standing there and all of the sudden my strap fell off. WHAM! My guitar hit the cast iron base of my microphone stand and picked up a really nasty scrape on the edge of the body. Luckily it’s on the bottom edge and it didn’t crack the wood but boy was I pissed! So began my quest for guitar Strap Locks. I checked out a bunch and finally decided on the Schaller Strap Lock System.

Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons (Pair) Nickel Schaller Guitar Strap Locks and Buttons (Pair) NickelDon’t risk dropping that beautiful guitar you poured your hard-earned cash into. Get Schaller’s guitar strap locks for added security.

I never wanted to drop my guitar again and I haven’t since I got this straplock system. Now whenever I buy a new guitar I buy a Schaller strap lock system to go on it. All my straps have the locks on them. A fall can happen anytime and it’s rarely damage free when the guitar hits the floor. A strap lock system is cheap protection.
I have 2 recommendations when installing and using the strap lock system. When you install the buttons on your guitar, take some Wood Glue and put it on the threads of the screws. This will help lock the screws into your guitar so the swinging that the guitar does on the buttons won’t loosen the screws causing them to fall out. Second, put some Big Bends Nut Sauce on the button and the strap lock itself so it slides easily when the guitar is swinging. I’ve never had a problem with loosening strap locks since I’ve been doing this.
If Musician’s Friend is out of stock on the Schaller Locks, get the Fender ones. They’re the exact same system.

Fender Strap Locks and Buttons Set Fender Strap Locks and Buttons SetThese special strap buttons for the guitar and special strap locks keep your favorite axe safe and secure. Includes 2 locks, 2 buttons, 2 screws, and felt washers.

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