Live Musician Central – Weekend Album Picks 4-4-09

Every week we pick the most heavily marketed new releases so you can stay on top of the current music scene.

   Yes it’s time for Live Musician Central’s weekly selection of album downloads for your perusal. Every week I pick the most heavily marketed new album releases as well as throwing in some serious selling classic albums. The reason I pick these albums is so that we as musicians can stay on top of what the music industry is pushing on the music listening public. It’s a great way to stay current with your bands set list or even just with your break music. The songs I post up are going to be marketed to a lot of listeners and if you play them at your gigs, people will recognize them and you’ll look more professional because you’ll appear relevant to the current music scene. My band plays a lot of classic rock and metal but during breaks we’ll throw on the current top club hits and the crowd will really dig it. It keeps the party going and it saves us from having to learn the new Bow Wow hit. There are enough new rock band releases that you can build your band’s set list with these songs as well.

   I post up links to iTunes which is the current largest music retailer in the United States as well as links to MP3 downloads. MP3’s are encoded at 256kbps MP3 format which sounds incredible and they’re usually cheaper than iTunes. Another thing I like about MP3’s is the fact that they are DRM free and they can be played on multiple MP3 players. They work perfectly in iPods and iPhones as well as Zune’s and generic MP3 players. So here you have the new releases, enjoy!
Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes

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