Sound Wave Art Using A Chladni Plate

Video of a Chladni Plate being used to create complex patterns with salt using sound waves to vibrate the plate.

   I’m into music which is the art of organizing sound so naturally anything created using soundwaves intrigues me. I saw this really interesting video on YouTube of a device called a Chladni Plate being used to create complex patterns out of salt.

   The Chladni Plate is basically a flat surface that is resonated at different frequencies. Salt or sand is then scattered on the plate and complex and patterns emerge when the plate is resonated. It’s really fascinating to watch and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. To learn more about Chladni Plate check out the Wiki page about it’s creator, Ernst Chladni.

Chladni Plate, Salt and Sound Waves

Author: Live Musician Central

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