Weekend Gig Report – In Stereo Plays Wedding

In Stereo Bass Drum

   In Stereo played a wedding at a place called Wolf Creek Ranch this weekend. It was a lot of hard work as we had to play way up in the mountains. We had to haul our equipment across a bunch of gravel which you don’t really realize is going to be so much effort until you do it. We also couldn’t park our cars at the location we were playing so we had to do some extra driving around. All that takes time so our usual 1 hour setup time took us 2 hours. Luckily we got there 2 hours early and were ready to go.

   The band played really well and the crowd was in a partying mood. That’s the great thing about playing weddings, the crowd wants to have a good time. So we played a strong 2-1\2 hour set of great rock dance music. We did have to play a couple country songs which we pulled off to a great round of applause. We’re not really a good country band but we do what we can to make our audience happy. We got a lot of loud cheering and everyone had a good time. We had a guy named Joe from Buffalo, New York get up and play some harmonica with us on Roadhouse Blues. That really got the crowd going and Joe was very happy to get up and play with us. It was a lot of fun for him and the band.

   The people ended up giving us a good tip over and above the contracted fee we charged them. So we made quite a bit of money for this gig. I certainly couldn’t complain about how well we were paid on this one. The wedding planners that booked us were very happy with how well we did so hopefully we’ll get some more good paying wedding gigs out of this one. That’s how you increase your bookings as a band, being consistently successful at your shows so that word spreads about how well you do.

   Keep rocking everybody! -Matt-

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