Drummer Mike Mangini on Discovery Channels Time Warp Series

World famous speed drummer Mike Mangini is featured in this video clip from Discovery Channels Time Warp series.

   I thought this was a fascinating video looking at some of the physics of drumming. It features drummer Mike Mangini who has played drums for Extreme and Steve Vai. He is currently a faculty member at the Berklee College Of Music in Boston. Mike Mangini is an extremely fast drummer and has held 3 world records for speed drumming.

   In this video clip from Discovery Channel’s Time Warp series they discuss the physics of drumming on the drummers body as well as the drumset. They take a super slow motion look at the effects of a drum hit on a snare head and cymbal. What really amazed me is how the cymbal flowed like liquid when it was hit. It’s really incredible to watch. I hope you enjoy the clip!   Continue reading “Drummer Mike Mangini on Discovery Channels Time Warp Series”

Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert – Bass and Guitar Duel

Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert
Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert

   This clip is of bass playing genius Billy Sheehan and guitar virtuoso Paul Gilbert. These two great live musicians played together in their band, Mr. Big. One of the highlights of the show is when the two players took center stage and solo’d on their respective instruments.

   This clip is a great example of two extreme players going back and forth and doing some truly incredible stuff. It’s long, but worth the watch.  Continue reading “Billy Sheehan and Paul Gilbert – Bass and Guitar Duel”

Jeff Beck – Where Were You (Live)

   Where Were You is my favorite Jeff Beck guitar instrumental. It’s from his Guitar Shop album and when I first heard it, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. The notes that he achieves on his Stratocaster are just unbelievable. I’ve tried to hit them and I have had some success but not like the great Jeff Beck. He gets so much out of his Strat that it just defies description. You just have to listen and stand in awe of his skill.

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Brian May Guitar Solo – Live At Wembley Stadium

   Yes it’s the great Brian May, one of the greatest live guitarists of all time. Brian has made some incredible recordings with Queen over the years but his live performance is simply off the charts. This guitar solo is from the Queen DVD “Live At Wembley Stadium“. Brian’s solo is really fun to listen to as he plays around with delay’s and harmonies.

   This is one of Queen’s most popular recorded live shows and the filming is excellent as well as the sound. The sound on this DVD is mixed in DTS Surround Sound and it’s expansive and full.  I highly recommend Queen – Live At Wembly Stadium and you can pick it up from the Live Musician Central Store for the incredibly low price of $12.99 .   Continue reading “Brian May Guitar Solo – Live At Wembley Stadium”

Extreme Bass Guitar Playing With Billy Sheehan

   I’ve been featuring some live musicians who are masters at their particular instrument and this week we have bass guitar master Billy Sheehan. This is a video of Billy with his live band playing his song called “The Suspense Is Killing Me” from his Cosmic Troubadour album. Just an FYI, you can get Cosmic Troubadour from Amazon.com MP3 downloads for the extremely low price of $6.99 for 15 song! Can’t beat that…   Continue reading “Extreme Bass Guitar Playing With Billy Sheehan”

In Memoriam – Mitch Mitchell Of The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Mitch Mitchell was essential to creating the sound that Jimi Hendrix was after. Todays post on Live Musician Central is in tribute to him.

John "Mitch" Mitchell, July 9, 1947 – November 12, 2008

   The world lost another legendary live musician and rock pioneer on November 12, 2008 when Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell was found deceased in his room at the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon. He was 62 years old which still seems far too young to die. It’s a sad day indeed as Mitchell was an integral part of the music behind the great Jimi Hendrix.

   Mitch Mitchell was one third of the great rock trio that made up the Jimi Hendrix Experience. His drumming style was a great example of jazz/rock fusion. He would switch between a traditional jazz drum grip and a matched rock style grip when he played. His playing was very active and he had a great feel for filling the space around Jimi’s lead guitar and vocal work. When Jimi would take a guitar solo Mitch would have a very active interplay with the guitar on the drums. It’s really a pleasure to listen to Mitch and Jimi play music together.     Continue reading “In Memoriam – Mitch Mitchell Of The Jimi Hendrix Experience”

My Favorite Guitarist, Jeff Beck, Plays ‘A Day In The Life’

Jeff Beck

     People always ask me who my favorite guitar player is. Well my favorite guitar player is Jeff Beck and he’s been my favorite since I was a teenager. He is a supreme musician both live and in the studio. I just love the way he gets so much expression out of his Fender Stratocaster. He plays with his fingers almost exclusively although I’ve seen him grab a pick a time or two. His skill with the whammy bar is unparalleled for musicality.

   This clip is Jeff performing the classic Lennon/McCartney tune ‘A Day In The Life’. The way Jeff Beck interprets this song is absolutely stunning in its beauty. The emotion that Jeff gets out of his guitar really defies description, you just have to listen to understand. It also shows what a beautiful melody John Lennon wrote in ‘A Day In The Life’. I hope you enjoy this rendition as much as I do.  Continue reading “My Favorite Guitarist, Jeff Beck, Plays ‘A Day In The Life’”

A Classic Performance From Sister Rosetta Tharpe

   After playing music for so many years and being in the business I do tend to get a bit ho-hum about all the greatness out there. I start saying “Well, another Van Halen clone…yawn.” Or “Wow, 500 notes per second…snore.” Then something truly great will catch my attention.

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