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Beat The Fender Price Increase. Bid On Used Fender Cyber-Twin Amplifiers

   It’s tough enough to survive as a performing live musician without having to fork over all your hard earned pay for a good amplifier. Since Fender jacked the prices up on the Fender Cyber-Twin SE amplifier by a whopping 30% they’re even farther out of reach for a lot of working musicians. I don’t know about you but the clubs sure aren’t paying me 30% more this year and I don’t expect that they will anytime soon. So that leaves us searching the excellent used equipment market. Check out the eBay listings below and you just may find the Fender Cyber-Twin amplifier of your dreams. The original Cyber-Twin amplifier is a lot more common used than the Cyber-Twin SE. The original is still a great amplifier and you can pick them up for a great price on eBay. Keep an eye on these listings though because Cyber-Twin SE’s do pop regularly. The listings below are a great way to find the original Cyber Controller which is the MIDI controller that you can use with the amp as well.  If you purchase a Fender Cyber-Twin SE remember to come back here to Live Musician Central for some great sound preset patches you can download to program into your amplifier. Check out the Fender Cyber-Twin SE Preset Download page to hear sound clips of this amazing amplifier.
[phpbay]Fender cyber twin, 10[/phpbay]

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