Fender Cyber-Twin Full-Length Demonstration DVD

A full length DVD video about the Fender Cyber-Twin amplifier.

   In my live band I use the Fender Cyber-Twin SE amplifier. It’s a really great amp and I’ve enjoyed playing it immensely the last couple years. I’ve programmed some great sound patch presets that you can check out on my Cyber-Twin SE Preset Download page. Today I’m going to post up a full length DVD video that was shipped with the original Fender Cyber-Twin amplifier. It’s a pretty good video to watch if you have questions about the Cyber-Twin amplifiers.   

Fender Cyber-Twin Full Length DVD

Fender Cyber Twin SE Amp Fender Cyber Twin SE AmpThe Fender Cyber Twin SE Amp is Fender’s best guitar amp. A 2×12 combo with tube preamp, reconfigurable analog and digital circuitry, motorized knobs, and a 2x65W power amp. Includes two footswitches, wheels, and a cover. With new cosmetics, it does everything the original model did with new effects and effect combinations, models, timbre filters, and much more.

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