Behringer FCV100 Dual Mode Foot Controller Expression Pedal

The Behringer FCV100 Dual Mode Foot Control pedal works perfectly as an expression pedal with the Fender Cyber-Twin SE amplifier.

Behringer FCV100 Footcontroller
Behringer FCV100 Footcontroller

In my live band, the guitar amp I use and love is the Fender Cyber-Twin SE amplifier. I’ve been using this amplifier for a couple years and it has never let me down. I program my own custom sound preset patches for the Cyber-Twin SE. The sounds the Cyber-Twin SE is capable of really are amazing!

I also love the MIDI capabilities the amp gives you with control over preset switching as well as control over many parameters in the amp controls and effects parameters. The MIDI controller I use is the Fender Cyber-Controller which has switches for controlling presets, the tuner, and effects on/off. The Cyber-Controller also has two controller pedals that I use to control various sound parameters such as Gain or effects levels.    

There is a jack on the back of the Fender Cyber-Twin SE labeled “EXP Pedal” that will allow you to plug in another expression pedal. I love to have as much real-time control over the sounds my amp can make so I went looking for an affordable expression controller that would work with the Cyber-Twin SE. Enter the Behringer FCV100 Dual Mode Foot Controller.

The Behringer FCV100 is a dual mode pedal with the two modes being a traditional volume control pedal and an expression pedal. The two modes are labeled “Norm” and “CV”. With the Fender Cyber-Twin SE I use the FCV100 set to “CV” mode which allows it to function as an expression pedal. The pedal uses a 9v battery but it doesn’t use the battery when you run the pedal in “CV” mode. I have been using the pedal for two years and have never had to change the battery! You may not even need to put a battery in the pedal if you’re only using the pedal in “CV” mode like I do.

To use the Behringer FCV100 with your Cyber-Twin SE simply set the pedal to “CV” mode. Then plug a regular 1/4″ unbalanced TS guitar cable into Output 2 of the pedal. Finally, plug the other end of the cable into the “Exp Pedal” jack on the back of the Cyber-Twin SE. You now have a fully functioning expression pedal to give you more control of your amplifier!

The other great thing about this pedal is the fact that’s it is very inexpensive. You can buy the Behringer FCV100 at the Live Musician Central Store for only $24.99. You just can’t beat that price! I have never had a problem with this pedal and it does it’s job very well. It’s coated with a heavy duty rubber that can really take a beating.

The only thing that is a little funky is that the pedal is fully On in the rocked back position and fully Off in the rocked forward position. This hasn’t been a problem for me and at that low price, I’m not complaining. I suggest you pick up the Behringer FCV100 Expression Pedal today!

Behringer FCV100 Dual Mode Footcontroller Behringer FCV100 Dual Mode Footcontroller

The Behringer FCV100 Dual-Mode Footcontroller features volume control of one stereo or 2 mono individual musical instruments. Its dedicated modulation function provides a direct connection to a keyboard’s modulation control input. VCA controlled for utmost reliability and smooth audio performance. Adjustable minimal volume. Uses standard 9V battery. Low battery indicator. Ultracompact, road-suitable housing. High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life and durability.

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  1. is this the only pedal that acts this way? will a fender act differently.

  2. Why does this happen, is it the cyber-twin or the FCV100 (The only thing that is a little funky is that the pedal is fully On in the rocked back position and fully Off in the rocked forward position.) How can I fix it?

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